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Our Story

Mihirasa ‘Mihirasa’ literally translates from Sinhala into ‘tastes of the earth’. We started this business to celebrate and introduce fascinating aspects of South Asian culture (and Sri Lankan culture in particular).

Our health products are derived from Hela (Ancient Sri Lankan) and Ayurvedic traditions to boost the immunity of the body and are produced from chemical-free plants. They include traditional rice varieties as well as special porridge drinks. Please check out our Healthy Food section for more interesting details and articles about natural foods that help to preserve and nourish your body.

Our spices and teas are also produced chemical-free and are carefully packed to preserve the richness of their taste and aroma. The spices themselves also offer significant health benefits in addition to stimulating your tastebuds when mixed into curries and other dishes. Health benefits of these products are described in detail in our Spices section.  


Secrets of Sri Lankan healthy food

In the recent years there has been a major push towards making carbon-based fertilizer mandatory for farmers in our region. Along with this campaign, there have been many smaller local movements advocating a return towards varieties of rice and plants that have been known in the indigenous medicinal traditions for boosting immunity and guarding against many forms of diseases including cancer, digestive and heart-related problems. There are over 2000 varieties of traditional rice to found in Sri Lanka. In this article, we look at some of these traditional rice varieties, and the benefits they offer.


One of the most well-known varieties of traditional rice, Suwandel is a white rice with a delicious taste and unique aroma. (‘Suwanda’ in Sinhala, means aroma or fragrance). It is grown in the Southern Lowland regions and usually takes a longer time from planting to harvesting than other traditional or high-yield types.

Suwandel is known to have relatively high concentrations of vitamins and glutamic acids. Its antioxidant properties make it ideal for people with high blood pressure.

In ancient times Suwandel was also utilized as a beauty product for better skin and hair.

Suwandel is prepared plain, with turmeric, which gives it a yellow colour and an even more delicious aroma. It can be made into a porridge either mixed with other grains or by itself.  



Ceylon Cinnamon, the ‘Wonder Spice’

Since ancient times, Sri Lanka has been known as a center of the spice trade. Cinnamon had been a favourite of traders through the ages. European and Arabic traders travelled and sailed long distances to acquire this valuable commodity from the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ Ceylan or Ceylon as it was known during the British rule during the 19th and 20th centuries.



Tibetan carpet making in Nepal

Tibetan carpets are known for their beautiful designs, quality and durability. Some of the best quality Tibetan carpets are made in Nepal. The artisans that make them are of Tibetan heritage and many of their families had left Tibet in the late 1950’s or the1960’s after the Chinese takeover of Tibet. The wool for the carpets still come from sheep or yak reared in the high-altitude regions of Tibet. After sorting and washing, the wool is ‘carded’, where it is untangled to remove knots. Then it is dyed to the required colour. The wool is next made into yarns. The weaving is then carried out by skilled artisans under the directions of an experienced carpet master.  

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